Emerging Jewelry Artist

Reserved for designers, 21 years of age or younger, this category places no limitation on media used and requires only that the finished piece is wearable jewelry adornment and fabricated by the entrant.

First Place
"Hollow Brooch"
Lisa Krulasik

Glendale, NY, USA

Artist Statement: Fabricated out of copper and brass, each triangular formation was die-formed in two parts then soldered together. These structures were then soldered on top of each other using balance and gravity. They were then flocked with blue, orange and magenta flocking. the brooch has a sandblasted finish.

Second Place
"The Pinnacles of Ha Long Bay"
Elly Cernohorsky
Halls Head, Western Australia, Australia

Artist Statement: After a good friend of mine returned from her travels in Vietnam, I was intrigued and inspired by her photos of ha long bay. I wanted to capture the prominent features in the landscape of the bay and replicate them in my work. Through the use of color, in the form of enamel, and texture, I have created a piece that reflects the rock forms and stunning composition of the beautiful bay. The blue enamel component is free to spin, allowing the wearer to interact with the piece.

Third Place
Ella Calas
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, USA

Artist Statement: The inspiration for this series came from the linear framework and construction in architectural structures.