The predominant metal is gold or platinum group metals, including palladium, or a combination of these. May be cast, fabricated, forged, assembled or created with any combination of techniques.

First Place
"From the Deep"
Kent Raible
Mossyrock, WA, USA

Artist Statement: My design morphed into a sea creature as I worked. Something between a squid and a lobster emerged, with ruby-studded pink gold arms spreading out like tentacles. It seemed fitting that a deep sea-blue stone would birth a sea creature, and so the title.

Second Place
Susan Blennerhassett
Nedlands, Western Australia, Australia

Artist Statement: I was inspired to design and create a pair of show-stealing red carpet earrings that would make an outfit, not just complement it. "Starstruck" are articulated and rotate 360°; they can be viewed from every angle without interrupting their aesthetic beauty. They exemplify the innovation and creativity that fuel our artistic passion.