Hollowware/Art Objects

Includes vessels and non-wearable objects made of precious metal constructed primarily from milled stock using one or more metal forming techniques. Decorative cast components may be incorporated.

First Place
"The Pregnant Chalice"
Kent Raible
Mossyrock, WA, USA

Artist Statement: My original idea was to make a ceremonial cup or chalice, but, as the design progressed, it flipped and became an egg. To me, it represents a holding place or womb for the sacred, or for creative potential. Raised from a disc of fine silver, it is seamless and represents the power of the feminine.

Second Place
"Ssssssumptuous Tea"
Genevieve Flynn
Kansas City, MO, USA

Artist Statement: Nature is a favorite subject in my work. This teapot is made of sterling silver that has been chased and repousséd. Hand-forged branches create the base and handle, and 24K yellow gold embellishes the snake, bug and inside of the teapot.