Metal Clay

The predominant material is metal clay (silver, gold, bronze, copper, etc.) and may include gemstones and other findings as desired.

First Place
"Good Fortune"
Ivy Solomon
Oak Park, MI, USA

Artist Statement: The "Good Fortune" brooch was inspired by the Japanese artistic motif which represents noshi, or several long strips gathered in the middle. Noshi (dried strips of abalone), when attached to a gift, was considered a token of good fortune. The brooch is made of sterling silver, PMC+ and colored epoxy resin.

Second Place
"Je T'aime–Dual Flame"
Holly Gage
Bowmansville, PA, USA

Artist Statement: "Je T’aime" tells the story of passion and love as two dancers emerge from a flower blossom in the final act of their dance. The outside world does not exist; it is just the two of them, totally immersed in a single moment.