Silver/Argentium® Silver

The predominant metal is silver or Argentium® Silver or a combination of both. May be cast, fabricated, forged, assembled or created with any combination of techniques.

First Place
"Constrained Timelessness"
Andy Lucas
Klamath Falls, OR, USA

Artist Statement: This sterling silver and gold hand-fabricated geo-mechanical pendant features two "turkish star" cuts by David Brackna, an aquamarine on the top of the bail, and citrine as the center stone. The accent stones are amethyst, sapphire, tsavorite, aquamarine, and black, white and cognac diamonds. The title plays the idea of the constraints we have when making art—time, finances, ability, etc.—against the timelessness of geometry and the materials employed in creation.

Second Place
Kate Hubley
Pointe-Claire, QC, Canada

Artist Statement: This necklace is inspired by the geometric perfection of the U.S. pavilion at expo ‘67 in Montreal. Playful yet sophisticated, it is an "interactive" piece that invites the wearer to reconfigure it to create a number of different looks. It is sterling silver with rose gold and black diamond accents.