The predominant material can be any non-traditional metal (not covered in another category, including base metals and reactive metals) or material (including resin, glass, wood, found objects and textiles).

First Place
Zoltan David
Bee Cave, TX, USA

Artist Statement: My inspiration is moonlight reflecting on water. I love the Alchemy of this piece ... turning black metal into water and light. On the back, a wolf howling at the moon, all coming to life in platinum. The materials: black steel, inlaid platinum, moonstone and diamonds.

Second Place
"Secret Garden Necklace"
Kathleen Nowak Tucci
Atmore, AL, USA

Artist Statement: Inspired by a dark vine-filled and foliage-filled secret garden with hidden plant and floral shapes. The back of the necklace is the real secret; its knowledge is only available to the wearer of the necklace. Made with recycled motorcycle and bicycle inner tubes and Nespresso coffee capsules.