Includes vessels and non-wearable objects made of precious metal constructed primarily from milled stock using one or more metal forming techniques. Decorative cast components may be incorporated.

First Place
Tom Ferrero
Windsor, CT, USA

Artist Statement: Taking four years to complete, the Mace "stands" approximately 23 inches tall by 7 inches wide and is fashioned from pure silver, 24k gold over sterling, copper, resin, enamel and Italian acetate. It is set with over 200 precious gems including diamond, garnet, citrine, topaz, amber and zircon. It stands testament to my passion for ornate and meticulously crafted art objects. 

Second Place
"Symbiotic Relationship"
Sungyeoul Lee
Seoul, Republic of Korea

Artist Statement:Two identical but dissimilar forms remind me of my fraternal twins, who have different characters. One is fabricated with silver and the other one is formed with welded titanium wire. I hope that my experience of the mystery of fraternal twins, through their intimate relationship and beautiful rapport, may be conveyed to the audience through my art objects.