The predominant material is metal clay (silver, gold, bronze, copper, etc.) and may include gemstones and other findings as desired.

First Place
Rodica Frunze
Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Artist Statement: "Adore" is an interpretation of the feelings that are experienced when the word Adore is spoken. As when two souls connect, life flows without distraction. Love becomes a central focus, providing a sense of unity. The decorative clasp symbolizes the connectivity of lovers that invokes the state of Adoration.

Second Place
"Memory Interrupted"
Patrik Kusek
Fairfield, CA, USA

Artist Statement: "Memory Interrupted" is part of an ongoing series of work that explores the concept of my mother's dementia. Her memory is still intact, yet it has fractures that are getting larger and larger. Grand Tour Cameos images were used as a metaphor to represent the journey of her life.