The predominant material can be any non-traditional metal (not covered in another category, including base metals and reactive metals) or material (including resin, glass, wood, found objects and textiles). 

First Place
"Poison Ring No. 2 "
Andy Cooperman
Seattle, WA, USA

Artist Statement: Rings are often signifiers of status or affiliation. I liked the idea of a ring serving as a warning device. Painting the naturally grey rattle without freezing the segments—and losing the sinister buzz—was key. The ring is sterling, 14-karat gold and 18-karat gold with a diamond at the rattle tip.

Second Place
Sophia Hu
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Artist Statement: Intriguing twists of intersecting squares yield a boldly unconventional design in polyester fiber, stainless steel wire and handcrafted sterling silver components. Drawing inspiration from traditional wood structures by evolving from basic details, the repetition of geometrical rhythm generates an organic beauty with twisted, curved lines.