The predominant surface material must be glass-based enamels and may be fired on any type of metal.

First Place
"Fool's Errand"
Sandra McEwen
Raleigh, NC, USA

Artist Statement: The inspiration for this triptych brooch came from the colorful illuminated manuscripts of the medieval period. The brooch is composed of three champlevé and cloisonné enamel panels enameled on fine silver; floating over a sterling backing plate with cut-out ivy tendrils, the brooch includes a faceted pyrite and lavender moon quartz.

Second Place
"Dried Flower Series: Chrysanthemum"
Nicolette Absil
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Artist Statement: I am inspired by nature, especially flowers and studying the various stages of their existence. Featuring a dried chrysanthemum, the imagery is hand-drawn and fused onto vitreous enamel with 24-karat gold accents. It’s completed with an orange-peel finish on the enamel and tab-set into oxidized sterling silver.