The predominant metal is gold or platinum group metals, including palladium, or a combination of these. May be cast, fabricated, forged, assembled or created with any combination of techniques. 

First Place
"Unfurl Rebel Jewel"
Sarah Williamson
Nevada City, CA, USA

Artist Statement: This 18-karat gold granulated pendant features Cruzeiro tourmalines cut by Dalan Hargrave and is accented with purple sapphires and Canadian diamonds. This piece combines Art Deco elements and the ornate beauty found in mosque ceilings. Created without a sketch, the end result is a spontaneous creation of the soul.

Second Place
"Sinuous Line"
Henry Spencer
Effingham, NH, USA

Artist Statement: Featuring repoussé and chasing in 22-karat gold with a fine silver inserted sleeve. The simplicity of this design perfectly expresses my preference for luster rather than shine. I strive to control reflective light rather than metal.