Includes vessels and non-wearable objects made of precious metal constructed primarily from milled stock using one or more metal forming techniques. Decorative cast components may be incorporated.

First Place
"Discovery of Eggcellence"
Aleksandr Maryaskin
Yorktown, VA, USA

Artist Statement: This is an Old World-style gold filigree egg that has blue sapphires, tsavorite garnets, rubies and diamonds intertwined throughout. It encases a three-dimensional church, which is fully functional with opening doors and staircases. The egg sits atop lapis lazuli with a filigree base.

Second Place
"Nuthatch Box"
Henry Spencer
Effingham, NH, USA

Artist Statement: Featuring repoussé and chasing in sterling silver, and constructed in three pieces with 18-gauge metal throughout. There is nothing about this box I am not entirely satisfied with. When the image of a bird or animal I am working on dominates the function of the piece, when it becomes a nuthatch rather than a silver box, I have fulfilled my intention.