The predominant material is metal clay (silver, gold, bronze, copper, etc.) and may include gemstones and other findings as desired.

First Place
"Cultivated Woodland"
Cindy Miller
Athens, AL, USA

Artist Statement: The “Cultivated Woodland” necklace was inspired by a beaver dam I happened upon while hiking. I was fascinated by the intricate structure, which led me to design an entire series of jewelry using “twig” construction. This necklace was constructed out of bronze metal clay and pearls.

Second Place
"Cheshire Cat"
Liz Sabol
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Artist Statement: Continuing a journey through Wonderland, I reimagine the Cheshire Cat curled over my shoulder. Did he just wink? With my signature doodles, I orchestrate a fantasia of interweaving forms and color to bring you down paths of enchantment. Hand-painted and resin champlevé, PMC sterling, Gilders paste and colored pencils epoxy resin, peristerite and adularia moonstones.