The predominant metal is silver or Argentium® Silver or a combination of both. May be cast, fabricated, forged, assembled or created with any combination of techniques.

First Place
Arturo Sanfelix Garcia
Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Artist Statement: "Passarola" is a cocktail-type ring, inspired by the jewelry of the Georgian era, with 438 stones and a checkerboard-cut citrine, which predominate floral motifs and circular edgings in its composition. This classic concept ring is a tribute to traditional jewelry but with a modern approach and execution.

Second Place
Matthieu Cheminee
Montreal, QC, Canada

Artist Statement: The bracelet is made of sterling silver, 18-karat gold and diamonds. It's hand-stamped with two different handmade stamps. The gold part was 3D drawn, printed and cast. After setting the diamonds, the piece was oxidized and polished with a cloth. Stamping was the first technique I learned 27 years ago in Taos, New Mexico.