The predominant material can be any non-traditional metal (not covered in another category, including base metals and reactive metals) or material (including resin, glass, wood, found objects and textiles). 

Artist Statement: Inspired by the expression “to have your head in the clouds,” this ring features the abstract shape of a cloud comprising geometric forms and technical solutions. The expression reflects myself—always thinking and dreaming about possibilities and beyond. What you make is what you are. Materials used are titanium, gold and diamonds. Read More

First Place
“Head in the Clouds”
Gabri Schumacher
Schoonhoven, The Netherlands

Artist Statement: The “Orchid Neckpiece” is an original design inspired by the combination of natural and technological objects. The parts are cut from titanium and gold bi-metal sheet. Silver tubing and titanium wire were also used in the construction. The components were textured, then assembled in multiple layers, and cold connected with rivets. Read More

Second Place
“Orchid Neckpiece”
E. Douglas Wunder
Kutztown, PA, United States