Reserved for designers 22 years of age or younger, this category places no limitation on media used and requires only that the finished piece is wearable jewelry adornment and fabricated by the entrant.

Artist Statement: Courage is not an impulsive emotion but a persistent commitment to face your fears. It symbolizes a bridge that one needs to build, the overcoming of obstacles, and learning from experiences. This ring serves as a reminder to the wearer to have the endurance and persistence to be courageous. Read More

First Place
Hoi Yi Lai
Toronto, ON, Canada

Artist Statement: “Goya” is a piece made using techniques including fabrication, hand-engraving, gold inlay and various forms of stone setting. The center stone is a natural green tourmaline from the Congo and cut by lapidary artist John Dyer. Inspired by life and exploring the inner self. Read More

Second Place
Taron Rueger
Lake George, CO, United States