The predominant surface material must be glass-based enamels and may be fired on any type of metal.

Artist Statement: This ring features a tree frog in motion as if it’s leaping off the tree branch textured ring. Articulation in the design gives one arm literal movement. This piece is composed of champlevé enamel on various body parts made of 18K gold. It has white diamond eyes and orange sapphire webbed feet. Read More

First Place
“Leaping Tree Frog”
Carina Wong
Hong Kong

Artist Statement: Dragonflies are the source of inspiration due to their delicate and colorful nature, along with their symbolic representations, such as transformation, joy and authenticity. Inspired by the beauty and representations of the dragonfly, I handcrafted this one-of-a-kind pendant/brooch in 18K yellow gold and adorned it with
1.85 ct. diamonds, 1.24 ct. rubies and French enameling. Read More

Second Place
“The Dragonfly”
Sinork Agdere
Los Angeles, CA, United States