Includes vessels and non-wearable objects made of precious metal. The majority of the piece can be made using one or a combination of techniques, including spinning, drawing, forging, raising, repoussé and forming, primarily from milled stock. Other decorative components (cast pieces, stones, etc.) can be incorporated.

Artist Statement: “Cheap Thrills” uses quality in an unexpected setting to highlight the shift in consumer goods from quality and durability to price and speed. Inspired by vintage cigarette cases, this fidget spinner is fabricated using hydraulic pressing and piercing. It features over two carats of Montana Yogo and fancy sapphires set in silver. Read More

First Place
“Cheap Thrills”
Jason Baide
Bozeman, MT, United States

Artist Statement: “Fantasy Coach” was handcrafted using sterling silver and 14K gold. Adorned with a black pearl and a garnet, handmade filigree weaves throughout the Coach. Mechanically simple, yet meticulously labor-intensive, “Fantasy Coach” is an exquisite and functional piece. Drawing inspiration from baroque carriages, I hope to convey my passion for ornate art objects. Read More

Second Place
“Fantasy Coach"”
Leonardo Maldonado
Delray Beach, FL, United States