Kwabena Abeney


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CADLOFT crafts their finely tuned artistic and fashion-forward jewelry designs by using the latest technology. Kwabena Abeney, the founder, states it best: “CADLOFT is a startup computer-aided design company that seeks to share gifts of the imagination with the world through various forms of computer-aided design by leveraging the precision and accuracy of computers and machines with the creative minds of its team members and the CADLOFT Community.” His team creates beautiful jewelry using cutting-edge technology. How cool is that?

About the winning collection:

What materials did you use in the winning collection?
The winning pieces from the Wave Collection were presented in a variety of materials, including laser-sintered nylon, steel and precious metals to highlight the fact that the designs can be made in various materials.

What processes did you use?
It always starts with ideas. Ideas that gain structure by being connected. Ideas that are shaped and formed until a viable concept is realized. Points are connected to form lines, and lines are connected and shaped so as to define the design.

Each piece is designed in a virtual 3D environment before a real-world 3D model is 3D printed layer by layer. Precious metal pieces are then prepared to be cast in the wearer's chosen metal.

What inspired the collection?
The Wave Collection incorporates motion across its designs to symbolize continuous progress. Each piece is meant to motivate progress in a different way. The Wave Collection is one of two introductory CADLOFT Jewellery Collections. CADLOFT Jewellery designs are inspired by architecture, travel, nature and amazing individuals from around the world.

What did you learn from the piece?
The power of iteration.

Are you going to sell it?
Yes. Pieces from The Wave Collection will be available for sale following the release of The Butterfly Collection.

Do you think this collection will influence your work going forward?
Yes, CADLOFT Jewellery Collections are "living projects" in that they will continue to be refreshed with new additions based on feedback from what we hope will become a vibrant community. The acquired knowledge from the research and development conducted to complete this project will allow for more creative additions in the future.

What do you like most about the collection?
The Crosswinds Necklace. It was the first and most complicated piece of the Wave Collection to make. It presented interesting challenges to work through and captures the original design concept.

About the Artist

Where do you live?
Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Did you study jewelry?

How did you learn to make jewelry?
A great deal of knowledge was acquired from MJSA, industry partners, and through research and development.

When did you discover you loved making jewelry?
When I discovered the limitless design potential that exists through digital design.

When are you most creative?
While collaborating.

What do you sell? What services do you offer?
CADLOFT will launch with CADLOFT Jewellery, which will sell 3D-printed jewellery on demand. Complimentary forms of computer-aided design will follow in the future.

Describe your current jewelry collections.
The Wave Collection incorporates motion across its designs to motivate continuous progress while The Butterfly Collection celebrates adventurous butterflies.

What do you love about making jewelry?
The limitless design potential and problem solving. Translating gifts of the imagination to reality while accounting for proper curvature and transitions of geometry that respect the design language of an overall collection, for sufficient structural supports and wall thickness to ensure a successful 3D print and cast, and for post-casting and polishing effects on the piece’s overall structural integrity and level of detail. Each present unique and interesting challenges to work through.

Describe the first piece of jewelry you made? When was it?
It was a minimalist wedding band made about two years ago.

One word of advice you received when starting to make jewelry/run a business?
Start small.

What one word of advice would you give beginning designers?
Try to learn at least one new thing about your field of work each day.

What work inspires you?
The work of motivated people who do extraordinary things.

What achievement in your jewelry life are you most proud?
This award!

What jeweler would you most like to have dinner with or visit their studio?
Fancy Chang

About the Saul Bell Design Award:

What did you feel when you found out you were a winner?
I was and am humbled and excited to have had The Wave Collection selected as a first place entry.

What made you decide to enter the competition?
A friend had told me about the Saul Bell Design Award and its new Fashion/Bridge Jewelry Collection category. Since the introductory Wave Collection had just recently been completed, it seemed like a great opportunity to see how it would do.

What other design awards have you won?
The Silver Award for Solidscape's 2017 Baselworld Design Competition.

Interview by Marlene Richey