Reserved for designers 18 years of age or younger, this category places no limitation on media used and requires only that the finished piece is wearable jewelry adornment and fabricated by the entrant.

Artist Statement: I aspire to not only be a jeweler, but a maker. The build completes me: Design and fabrication are essential parts of what defines who I am. Though not all want, or can use their two hands, to shape their visions and desires, I choose to do so. I choose to ensure the continuation of my goals, and to inspire other as well. Read More

First Place
Christopher Liu
Allen, TX, United States

Artist Statement: A few years ago I discovered that I enjoyed making chains and chainmail. With that, I started experimenting with designs and weaves. I also experimented with making my own mokume gane. The Timascus toggle was the result of wanting to use a diversity of materials I have made. Read More

Second Place
“Mokume Chainmail Choker”
Ethan Hansen
Salida, CO, United States