Includes vessels and non-wearable objects made of precious metal. The majority of the piece can be made using one or a combination of techniques, including spinning, drawing, forging, raising, repoussé and forming, primarily from milled stock. Other decorative components (cast pieces, stones, etc.) can be incorporated.

Artist Statement: I don’t think of my vessels as being an expression of my voice alone. Rather I see them as the product of a conversation among the tools, materials, and myself in search of beauty …This is work about things I treasure; the natural, sensual world, skilled labor, timeless beauty, and the inner spirit made visible. Read More

First Place
“Luminous Relic #1628”
David Huang
Sand Lake, MI, United States

Artist Statement: The ephemeral beauty of the cone flower transcribed, befitting its nature, as an objet de vertu.  Teapot fabricated in sterling silver with oxidation, inlaid  with pink rhodonite and chrysoprase. Trivet fabricated in sterling silver with oxidation. Read More

Second Place
“The Echinacea Teapot”
Valerie Jo Coulson
Pequea, PA, United States