A luxury collection that uses a repeated element, theme or design. The collection should be cohesive and consistent in its presentation, materials and voice/style. 

Artist Statement: Drawing from my architecture training and practice, I truly believe the logic of beauty is embedded in every form of art as the critical role of golden ratio in ancient Greek architecture. I envision my creative life as an everlasting journey to search and perfect my golden ratio. Read More

First Place
Sophia Hu
Las Vegas, NV, United States

Artist Statement: As wearable art, jewelry is a most intimate receptacle through which to convey passion and inspiration, to chronicle events in history, to express dreams and desires, to serve as a vehicle for an evolving narrative relative to the maker, the possessor and the beholder. Read More

Second Place
“Sunshine and Shadow”
Valerie Jo Coulson
Pequea, PA, United States