A trend-setting collection that uses a repeated element, theme or design. The collection should be cohesive and consistent in its presentation, materials and voice/style. 

Artist Statement: My current work is inspired by origami and kirigami (a variation of origami that includes cutting of the paper), in which I take flat shapes and fold them into voluminous three-dimensional forms. Each piece is hand-fabricated and focuses on responsibly sourced materials such as recycled metals and ethical gemstones. Read More

First Place
“Kirigami Pearl Collection”
Karin Jacobson
Minneapolis, MN, United States

Artist Statement: Experience jewelry that takes you on an enchanted journey. Using unconventional materials to bring metal and color together, I explore spontaneous new directions that bridge fine art with function…each piece tells a unique story. Read More

Second Place
Liz Sabol
Pittsburgh, PA, United States