The predominant metal is silver or Argentium® Silver or a combination of both. May be cast, fabricated, forged, assembled or created with any combination of techniques. 

Artist Statement: I create piece of wearable art for collectors who want something special to enjoy and treasure. I design communicational, interactional and multifunctional pieces that are playful and thematic, and they tell stories and encourage the wearer to discover that story.

I incorporate motifs and patterns inspired by architecture, mysticism and nature. I use gold and silver as my main media along with precious and semiprecious gemstones and enamel. I apply traditional and modern techniques and technologies to create contemporary fine pieces of jewelry. Read More

First Place
“Prospect Palace”
Mehrnoosh Ganji
Melbourne, Australia

Artist Statement: During the last 20 years, I developed my own style of wirework. It evolved from modest baskets and small jewelry into objects, dishes and exclusive jewelry-pieces. I love experimenting; the work grows in my hands. Because of the intensity of the work, I have a steady, but limited, production. Read More

Second Place
“Suftal Fidda”
Maja Houtman
Utrecht, Netherlands