Emerging Jewelry Artist

Reserved for designers, 21 years of age or younger, this category places no limitation on media used and requires only that the finished piece is wearable jewelry adornment and fabricated by the entrant.

First Place
Jose Lins

Renton, WA, USA

Artist Statement: "The Soraya" means gem or princess when used as a name in Farsi. I thought it suited it very well as it is very elegant, like a princess, and it features a beautiful chalcedony.

Second Place
Kylie Urban
Auburn, Washington, USA

Artist Statement: I made this design in honor of the people in my life who have passed away. I believe the skull represents the protection and strength these people have provided me with.

Third Place
Mackenzee Pierog
Eau Claire, WI, USA

Artist Statement: The motivation behind this piece is the idea of being able to remember and return to a time of innocence. Elements of the design are inspired by the time turner in the Harry Potter series.