The predominant metal is gold or platinum group metals, including palladium, or a combination of these. May be cast, fabricated, forged, assembled or created with any combination of techniques.

Grand Prize
Ryan Roberts
Chimayo, NM, USA

Artist Statement: Most of my work I like to feel is fluid and kind of in motion. I had this idea—I wanted something that kind of started out rough and then was smooth at the bottom. As though it was a drop of something, cooling and smoothing as it goes through, and winding up as a very smooth drop at the bottom.

Second Place
Michael Boyd
Pueblo, CO, USA

Artist Statement: We cut all of the stones, except for the faceted, in-house. For me jewelry is about the process more than about the finished piece. What we did for this necklace was take 24K gold, fuse it to Argentium®, then work through the gold to expose the silver, then oxidize it, so you get that beautiful contrast between the black and the gold.