Hollowware/Art Objects

Includes vessels and non-wearable objects made of precious metal constructed primarily from milled stock using one or more metal forming techniques. Decorative cast components may be incorporated.

First Place
John Lunn
Newport, NH, USA

Artist Statement: My aesthetic vision is to tell a unique story on each flute and so combine the three art forms of music, sculpture and storytelling into one. The visual design has an Art Nouveau motif of leaves and vines in place of the flute’s levers and arms. Overlaying that is a story hand chased into each key cup, starting at the low end of the flute and unfolding as it progresses towards the top end.

Second Place
Michael Boyd
Pueblo, CO, USA

Artist Statement: The motivation is an exploration of everyday objects. The letter knife blade was formed from a billet of Damascus steel. The handle was cut from jade and attached to the blade with a fabricated 24K, 22K and 18K saddle. The knife is also adorned with a sapphire at its tip, emeralds, gem silica and a black rose-cut diamond.