Munya Avigail-Upin’s award-winning jewelry and sculptures have been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries throughout the world and featured in periodicals, newspapers and books. Currently, Munya focuses her jewelry and objects mainly on images of nature set next to miniature versions of jewelry-making tools. She wants to draw attention to women working in a man’s world and of humans on our fragile planet. In addition, she teaches metalsmithing techniques at colleges, craft centers and museum schools around the U.S. And Munya, along with former student Kirsten Ball, is a co-owner of a contemporary craft and fine-jewelry gallery in Belmont, Massachusetts called ALCHEMY 9.2.5. Munya states, “There was a hearty exchange between a student and me about where one might show/sell one’s work, and four months later,  ALCHEMY 9.2.5. opened its doors.”