Silver/Argentium® Silver

The predominant metal is silver or Argentium® Silver or a combination of both. May be cast, fabricated, forged, assembled or created with any combination of techniques.

First Place
Megan Clark
Raleigh, NC, USA

Artist Statement: I am consistently drawn to the patterns, textures and colors that nature offers us. I enjoy the way in which a feather or a fish scale, in repetition, can become a complex and beautiful vision. I combine these natural patterns with architectural forms and structures. In doing so, I am able to create a balance between the organic and geometric worlds of design.

Second Place
Jinbee Park
New York, NY, USA

Artist Statement: "Future" is a reflection on how singular experiences form units of our personality. The bubbles represent the experiences that build who we are today and, as a non-uniform whole, determine who we will become tomorrow.