Todd Reed is an American artisanal luxury jewelry company renowned for creating works of art using recycled metals and sustainably-sourced raw and fancy-cut diamonds. Todd’s creations are all one-of-a-kind, hand-forged and finished by master jewelers in the Boulder, CO, studio. An award-winning designer, Todd creates an alchemy of precious metals and stones that merge rugged natural beauty with refined sculptural elegance he calls "Raw Elegance." It is a vision that fuses the iconoclastic spirit of an artist, the unwavering, hand-made ethos of an artisan, and the sustainable methods of a modern-day steward. “My work uses raw diamond cubes and other natural diamond shapes," he says. "It started as a way to question society about the idea of perceived value, in particular how value and perceived value relate to ideas of beauty or perfection that have become norms of society.”