Wayne Meeten is one of those rare craftsmen whose work really does come alive, conveying sensations of serenity and movement which he achieves by looking beyond a fundamental mastery of the metal, instead seeking to understand it and work in harmony with his materials. He left school at 16 and started working for a manufacturing jeweler in his home town of Brighton but it was not enough to satisfy his intellectual curiosity or wanderlust so he traveled for many years. Wayne came back and enrolled at London Guildhall University's Sir John Cass School of Art, then renowned as one of Europe’s best jewelry and silversmithing academies. But once again his passion for jewelry took him to Tokyo to learn under late Professor Hirotoshi Itoh (a Japanese National Treasure), and world-renowned sculptor Mr Masanobu Kitoh and Mr Norio Tamagawa, considered to be the leading expert on mokume gane living in Japan. His jewelry that is highly influenced by mokume gane and shibori (which is a way to hand-raise metal) has won countless awards and accolades.