A trend-setting collection that uses a repeated element, theme or design. The collection should be cohesive and consistent in its presentation, materials and voice/style. 

Artist Statement: “The Wave Collection” incorporates motion across its designs to symbolize continuous progress. Each piece in this 3D-printed Collection was designed in a virtual 3D environment to ultimately produce a custom-made piece in the size and material of the wearer’s choosing. The designs are offered in sintered nylon, steel and precious metal variations. Read More

First Place
“The Wave Collection”
Kwabena Abeney
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Artist Statement: This champlevé line features a tapestry-like web of interwoven paths with Moorish undertones.  The warm bronze is paired with a subtle palette of blues and greens.  The profile of the pattern ornaments the back of each piece and is highlighted in openwork on a pair of earrings and behind the prehnite stones. The cuff is lined with sterling silver. Read More

Second Place
Liz Sabol
Pittsburgh, PA, United States